Sediment Pipeline

The field research trip to the Bayou Dupont long distance sediment pipeline for marsh creation was part of the Advanced Research in Coastal Ecological Design Seminar, “Objects of Coastal Restoration” taught by Justine Holzman in the Spring of 2015, as a collaboration among upper division Landscape Architecture students and the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio to capitalize on the critical mass forming around local coastal issues and the built environment to take a stance and position on design’s relationship to coastal restoration. Complementing the overarching theme, the course is composed of two major components addressing specific research agendas within the LSU CSS. First, the development of content for the Expanded Small Scale Physical Model Exhibition Space. And second, continue to research and test methodologies for transdisciplinary collaboration between science and design fields by addressing the importance and agency of visualization and communication across disciplines.

The course received additional funding and support from the Coastal Sustainability Studio and the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

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