Shifting Foundation

Shifting Foundation
an Exhibition designed by the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

[Images shown here are selected from the design process, final design is still under development]

Exhibition Design: LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio
Base Building: Mougeot Architecture
Client: Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Principal Investigators: Jeff Carney, Shelby Doyle, Jacob Mitchell
Faculty + Fellows: Matt Dunn, Brendan Gordon, Leanna Heffner, Justine Holzman, Keith Maung-Douglass, Karen May

Shifting Foundation will be housed in the LSU Center for River Studies within the newly developing Baton Rouge Water Campus.

The Water Campus is being developed in partnership with Louisiana and East Baton Rouge Parish governments, the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Louisiana universities, and nonprofits. Developing over the next decade, The Water Campus will rise on 35 acres along the Mississippi, adjacent to downtown Baton Rouge. In that time, the number of researchers and support staff employed at the facility will expand to over 4,000. More than 1.8 million square feet of labs, research facilities and commercial space will enable them to carry out their vital work in a collaborative environment – studying coastal threats, formulating theories, exchanging ideas, and cooperating to arrive at innovative solutions that might never be possible working alone.

Where: Nicholson Drive, Terrace Street, Mississippi River, I-10
Size: 1.8 million square feet
Total Acres: 35

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